Jobs for English Majors with no Experience

 Are you interested in English as a major but not sure what career option you would have?

You might be surprised to find the variety of careers you could explore with a degree in English. In this post, we will discuss 5 things to consider for your future career if you major in English.

we will define the value of an English degree Explore common industry areas and job titles Discuss networking, gaining experience, and continuing education as strategies for career development As an English major.

you will gain a broad understanding of language and how it affects the world, learn to strategically communicate with others, and think critically and creatively about complex, real-time issues.


This background is essential in almost every career or industry, from media and entertainment to business and technology.

An English degree will help you hone essential skills like strategic communication, critical thinking, creative problem-solving, professional writing, and intercultural fluency.

You can explore careers in business, technical communications, politics or law, digital marketing, social media, non-profit, and even technology.

This variety of options can seem overwhelming, so let's dive deeper. Here are some real-life job titles found in a Handshake search for companies seeking English majors.

Notice the varying opportunities, like marketing analytics manager, fundraiser, human resource coordinator, and content creator. Developing your network is a great way to learn about careers and find opportunities.

You can do this by using the Find Alumni Tool on LinkedIn where you can search UT alumni by industry, location, and what they studied Here are some UT alumni that graduated with a degree in English.

From Research Assistant to Technical Recruiter, and Social Media Editor to Director of Development, you can see the different career paths that their English degrees to them on Experience is important, regardless of your career of interest.

Internships aren’t just for business and engineering students. You can find thousands of internships and part-time jobs on Handshake, and connect with organizations across the country Internships aren’t the only way to gain experience.

Employers value students with well-rounded experiences, like volunteering, undergraduate research, campus involvement, part-time jobs, and freelancing or blogging.

If your career path includes graduate or professional school, make sure you prepare to apply. Your career coach can help you decide if graduate school is right for you and assist in preparing for graduate school applications.

Here are some resources you can explore for more information on Careers with an English Degree.

After Words and Dear English Major publish interviews with professionals across many industries who graduated with an English Degree.

What Can I Do with This Major will show you other career options and strategies for specific career paths And Handshake will connect you to job and internship opportunities Career options are virtually endless with an English degree as long as you can articulate the value of your degree, gain experience, and grow your network.


Your professors are a wonderful resource as you navigate your career options, as well as the Center for Career Development and Academic Exploration. Visit the Center for Career Development and Academic Exploration website for more resources and make an appointment with your Career Coach on Handshake.

Let us help you explore your career options, find experiences, and develop the skills you need to reach your career goals.

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